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Counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.


Through counselling, individuals are supported to develop meaningful coping strategies that are tailored to their own lifestyle and preferences. Offering techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy or relaxation training, counsellors create an environment where clients are enabled to confront their fear in a non-threatening manner; empowering them on their journey towards recovery.
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People who receive counselling are often able to identify their challenges and gain a better understanding of themselves and their problems. Through developing coping strategies and improved self-awareness, individuals can learn techniques to manage their depression as well as other forms of mental distress.
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Relationships Counselling can tackle issues such as uneasiness caused by unresolved conflict and feelings of loneliness, help people build strong relationships based on effective communication and teach them how to cope with difficult times. Relationships Counselling can be a great tool for creating healthier relationships.
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About me

Professional Psychology Therapy

Offering counselling for anxiety, depression and relationships can be an incredibly rewarding experience, which is why I dedicate my time and energy to these services.

I believe that recognizing where each person is coming from, understanding their unique perspective and experiences, and showing respect throughout the process is an essential part of successful counselling.

To achieve this goal, I take a holistic approach to counselling that includes strategies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, positive thinking training, relaxation techniques, insight-oriented therapy and other interactive processes.

For anxiety and depression-specific situations, I help individuals identify potential sources of distress in order to create actionable steps towards reducing or eliminating those issues.

Lastly, for couples struggling with relationship issues, I work hard to provide insightful perspectives about the interpersonal dynamics at play so that nuanced conversations around healing can begin.

When it comes to providing counselling for anxiety, depression and relationships – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution – which is why personalizing my services for each client is of the utmost importance.

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